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Welcome to the wonderful world of {epr}. So, what does {epr} mean? Well, it's a funky short way to say eskemo productions which is where it all began. Eskemo Productions were the team behind Eskemo Radio as well as Roller Derby UK TV, the premier roller derby broadcaster in the UK. From then we expanded our skills to provide the services we do now. {epr} pride themselves on being, not only unique, but detailed within our designs and products.

Website Design and Development.

Anyone can build a web site using a template, sometimes its actually just right! However we like to think deeper. We have experience with all the major content management systems as well as an excellent coding base for doing our own thing. Unlike many web designers, we know code, we love code and we like it to work perfectly and look amazing to the user.

Application Development perfect for you.

So you have a fancy website but want to make it a usuable app or control centre. We can do it. We've created VOD systems, engineer scheduling and reporting systems as well as version management systems. Custom admin backends, client logins, API systems, you name it and we'll get it done. We also have the skills to create non-web based applications using Java, Android, Python and C. We even have developed projects for embeded items using development board like the Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison and Ardunino.

Content Management Systems

Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Grav

Code Languages

PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery

Database Systems


WrisTemp WrisTemp Left

Look What We Did!

WrisTemp Pro enhances the convenience of owning a Nest thermostat by allowing you to easily and quickly make adjustments using your Android Wear watch without having to get your phone out. To get up and running all you need to do is download the app from the Google Play store and it'll automatically be installed on your Android Wear device. Once you have signed in via the mobile companion application all adjustments can be done via the simple WrisTemp User Interface.

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Complex Fire System Programming, Commissioning and Maintenance.

Having been in the fire industry for 15 years we're experienced in the standards and technology. We have worked on large projects with advanced cause and effects as well as bespoke items to solve problems. We can provide expert commissioning, advanced programming solutions, thorough servicing and compliant small work installations.

Supported Systems

Advanced Electronics, Multi-Alarms IFAX, Kentec, C-Tec, Gent, Ziton, Ampac, Morley, FireClass, EMS FireCell, and Hyfire Wireless systems


Air Sampling (ICAM, Wagner, Vesda), Beam Detection (OSID, FireRay, Fire Beam Company), Gas Suppression (Kenetc, C-Tec), and Graphics/BMS (Draxx)


BFPSA Design, Installation, Maintance, Commissioning and advanced commissioning

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